What are Studio Sessions?

That is a great question, friend! Studio Sessions are essentially a way to have high-quality videos created, easily – at an affordable price. Studio Sessions offer a sixty minute filming session and six direct-to-camera style videos – which are perfect for website explainers, social media updates, automating client journeys and heaps more!

So what’s the catch, you ask? Well, in order to make this happen, each Studio Session is conducted over the course of a single day which is shared by multiple participants. By sharing the same location and look as other participants filming on that day, production costs are able to be divided amongst everyone, which keeps overall costs low.

How do Studio Sessions work?

Glad you asked – we've tried to keep this as simple as possible! You start by selecting the session you’d like to attend, prepare your content prior to filming, arrive for your filming session and a few weeks later you’ll receive your videos! Okay, that might be simplified a little, but still! We'll of course guide you through this process – helping you create your content if needed – and work with you to make sure your final videos are on-brand and looking great. Extras can be purchased for each session (ie. makeup, portrait photography, logo animations, ect.) but we’ve made sure that every session will provide great looking video content with or without those additions. This is what's included and available for each session:

✓  1hr Filming Session

Depending on who you are, this may sound like a lot of time or not enough – but either way, we'll make sure you're confident and ready to deliver all of your content within your session timeframe, by helping you create content (if needed) in the weeks leading up to your session.

✓ 6 Direct-To-Camera Videos

This is equivalent to about 12-15 minutes worth of edited content (generally around two minutes each). But if you'd like longer or shorter form videos to better adapt to your audience or platform, that's totally fine by us! So long as your total video content remains within that time limit, we can edit it however you like!

✓  Fully Licensed Music

Every session includes a single music track that will be featured underneath your videos, that is licensed for usage across all online platforms – meaning you're free to share, promote or advertise your videos anywhere on the world wide web.

✓  Captions & Thumbnails

What's the point of having great video content if no-one watches it! This is why we include high-quality thumbnails and caption files to accompany all of your content, to more easily capture your audience and increase engagement.

Portrait Photography (Add $400.00)

This is a great addition if you're wanting a full online content makeover! With a portrait photography session you'll wander around the studio space with a photographer after your filming session for a little photoshoot, which will result in 10-15 lovely portraits for you to use alongside the rest of your content.

Logo Animation & Title Sequences (From $150.00)

Logo animations and title sequences are a great way to add extra flare to your video content and help catch the attention of your audience. The great thing about logo animations and title sequences are that they are one-time purchases, and can be used for future video projects over and over.

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Booking your session.

To book a session, please submit a booking request below. We’ll provide you with payment options via email within two business days to secure your session. If you’re interested in a Studio Sessions theme that is currently only collecting expressions of interest, please submit your interest below to be notified when that session begins accepting bookings (bookings will open when three or more participants have shown interest) – this will place you on the waiting list and prioritise your place for that session.

Important Booking Note!

Please be aware that each Studio Sessions production day requires a minimum of four participants to proceed. Although we'll do everything we can to ensure everything moves forward on the date you've selected – please note that if minimum participant quotas aren't achieved, we may have to cancel/ reschedule and refund your session booking.