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Businesses and creative agencies.

We have spent years learning about many businesses across many industries and how best to use video to market their specific products and services. Specialising in corporate video production gives us the ability to connect with you on a personal level and learn exactly what your business needs, to effectively market to your audience.

Though we’re a Brisbane video production company our client base is Australia wide, and we endeavour to provide the same personal experience to all of our clients no matter the location. If you’d like more information visit our corporate video production page or contact us today.

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Video Production

Professional on-set production services providing high definition visual recording, trained crew, lighting and audio equipment.

Producing & Directing

Talented producers and directors with the ability to achieve high quality results, both from experienced and inexperienced talent.


Professional editors with knowledge and experience creating stories that achieve marketing results across a vast number of industries.

Animation & 3D

Capacity to create 2D and 3D animation, designs and compositing to enhance our services.

Sound Production

Quality music, sound effects, audio mastering and voice over services for all productions.

Writing & Collaboration

Ensuring creative scripts and concepts are the foundation of each production.

Schools and universities.

For years we have been helping schools and universities utilise video marketing to increase enrolments, community involvement and boost their branding. Every school and university is unique which is why we make an effort to learn about their specific goals and objectives so we can produce marketing content that accurately reflects your educational service.

Including video into your digital marketing strategy isn’t just an opportunity to stand out, it’s vital to achieve necessary marketing goals. If you’d like to see how other schools and universities are utilising video marketing you can visit our educational video production page or contact us today for more information.

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What our clients think of us.

“The entire Goliath team are professional, deliver exceptional service and looked after our budget ensuring they didn’t spend more than they needed to on our behalf.”

-R&W Projects

“I have worked with Goliath extensively developing a range of video products and their professionalism is of the highest standard. The most enjoyable part of my experience with them has been the time they’ve taken to understand me and my business to ensure that the videos being created are a true representation of our brand.”

-Brisbane Family Law Centre


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