What we're about.

Goliath Productions is a boutique video production agency based in Brisbane, Australia. Since establishing in 2012 we have worked with brands across many industries, producing creative video marketing content to effectively promote our clients’ products and services. Although we’re a Brisbane video production agency, we have an Australia wide client base and endeavour to provide a personal experience to all of our clients, no matter the location.

Writing & Collaboration

We love to collaborate with our clients to create content for their brand, that will effectively target their audience.

Producing & Directing

We have talented producers and directors with the ability to achieve high quality results, both from experienced and inexperienced talent.

On-Set Production

Our production crew are friendly and professional, and provide high quality results with industry standard equipment.


Our editors have extensive knowledge and experience across a vast number of industries, essential for crafting an effective story to market your brand.

Sound Production

Great sounding audio is just as important as great looking visuals, so we produce high quality audio mastering for all productions.

Animation & 3D

If something doesn’t exist we can make that happen. We can design, create and composite 2D and 3D animations and elements to enhance projects.

How we're different.

Being a boutique video production agency allows us to contribute more resources into projects than what is typically expected, and often the time and care put into the videos we produce goes much further than what you’d even notice. Here are some examples of how we enhance the videos we produce to ensure our clients receive the highest quality product possible.