Vicland Property Group ‘The Coterie’

The CoterieVicland Property Group Project brief.To pre-sell their beautiful apartments and penthouses Vicland Property Group wanted to create a promotional video that showcased all aspects of their new apartment complex ‘The Coterie’ to excite potential buyers and encourage sale enquires. Strategy.To create an engaging promotional video that showcased ‘The Coterie’ to excite potential buyers was … Read More

Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Happiness for me.Happy Lawyer Happy Life Project brief.Clarissa Rayward devotes her life to encouraging other family lawyers like herself to pursue a happier and more fulfilling career, with the overall objective of this project to promote her brand and allow Clarissa to connect with her viewers to encourage leads. Strategy.Creating an overview video that Clarissa … Read More

Obe Organic

Our organic cattle.Obe Organic Project brief.Obe Organic wanted to differentiate themselves from other cattle providers with a campaign demonstrating the quality farming practices that their farmers use to produce their 100% Australian frown, organic, GMO-free, sustainable beef. Strategy.This uplifting video aimed to promote further interest from Obe Organic’s potential and existing customers looking to find … Read More

Temper Troops

Local families, like ours.Temper Troops Project brief.Temper Troops wanted to demonstrate that the quality of their air-conditioning service is unmatched, and that their family owned business is deeply committed to providing the highest quality service to other families in the community. Strategy.Temper Troops promoted this video on as many online platforms as they could, attempting … Read More

Radio Rentals

Personalising a rental business.Radio Rentals Project brief.Radio Rentals wanted to increase the return rate of clients through personalising their service by inviting customers to come in and see their range of new products. They wanted to show to other stores how effective this method of service was with a video case study that they could … Read More

Frosty Boy

Innovative Ice-CreamFrosty Boy Project brief.Frosty Boy wanted a clear but easy demonstration of how to properly prepare their new powdered mixing bag product, while also showing that when directions are followed, the product is as consistent as traditional liquid methods. Strategy.Frosty Boy wanted to use this video not just as an informative internal customer video, … Read More

Womens Legal Service

Kay’s story.Womens Legal Service Project brief.Women’s Legal Service is a non-profit organisation that is devoted to helping women in the midst of domestic violence, in the form of free legal and safety advice. They wanted to create a video that told an encouraging story of a domestic violence survivor to encourage funding for their organisation. … Read More

Wellness Designs

Wellness in the workplace.Wellness Designs Project brief.Katrina Walton wanted to help her audience understand the benefits of a healthy workplace, and how her years of experience in rehabilitation can help Australian organisations achieve a healthy workplace and promote wellness physically and mentally. Strategy.The primary objective of this video was to create a simple and precise … Read More