Alpha HPA

Being the first in the world to produce high-purity alumina using the solvent extraction method with an emphasis on environmental consciousness, Alpha HPA they wanted to seperate themselves from the traditional mineral refining industry in every way.

The Crest Company

The Crest Company wanted to create a 60 second commercial that appealed directly to their primary target audience. They wanted to show that their TV mounting system includes all fixings necessary to install the product while also demonstrating its ease of installation.

RACQ Safety Series

RACQ wanted to turn their early primary school road safety messages into easily remembered lessons that could be accessed anywhere by teachers and parents, in an understandable format for a younger audience to follow and learn from.

Conceptual Brands

Conceptual Brands wanted to show off the fun and personable nature of their brand to recruit new staff and promote their products. They knew by letting the people who make their brand shine on camera, along with equally glowing client testimonial this would be an easy task.

RACQ Collide

To encourage safe driving, RACQ delivers a road safety program to thousands of students across Queensland through a live re-enactment of a road traffic accident. They wanted a dramatised film equivalent of the presentation in order to reach more students in the outer reaches of Queensland where a live show may not be possible.