Learn about RACQ's new distraction safety programme short film.

Why did RACQ want a short film?

To extend their driver safety training amongst high-school seniors in Queensland, RACQ created an education programme that focuses on common distractions and how simple interruptions can be deadly and change lives in just a single moment. RACQ engaged us to write and produce a relatable story with a realistic depiction of everyday events that they can deconstruct, in order to emotionally reach as many students as possible during their new distraction safety programme.




On-set with RACQ for their new short film.

This shoot definitely wasn’t without its share of problems, the weather being our biggest enemy on the second day while filming the car and crash scene! With the production nearing overtime (which we didn’t have) due to the packed schedule — it started raining! We decided to push through and film the remaining scenes in the rain, but again the weather decided to turn leaving us to have to re-film those same shots again with no rain, leaving us literally only minutes before we had to leave the location.

But thankfully we were able to quickly workshop the scene and cut a few of the unnecessary shots to finish the film just in time! This was honestly a hectic shoot, but it really highlights the importance of having a hardworking team of problem solving creatives that keep a set enjoyable even under pressure!

Cool people make fun sets!