Make your content accessible anywhere — with a video course pack.

What every video course includes —

We’ve made it crazy easy to turn your valuable, repeatable information into sellable video content with this customisable video course pack. This pack at it's core is straight-to-camera style content, edited together into course episodes which can be accompanied with basic text animations. However, you can get more creative with your video course and add modules to your pack to make your content even more engaging.

✓  Filming Session

This pack includes a single filming session of up-to 8 hours which includes everything (and everyone) needed to capture the personality of your brand and story.

✓  Music Licenses

Choosing the correct style of music can focus or distract your viewer – so this pack includes up-to 2 music tracks that accompany your content perfectly and are licensed for use across all online platforms.

✓  Post-Production Services

There’s no point in having great looking footage, if the content is boring – so we make sure that the content is engaging with great editing and full service post-production polishing.

✓  Captions & Thumbnails

What's the point of having great video content if no-one watches it! This is why we include high-quality thumbnails and caption files to accompany all of your content, to more easily capture your audience and increase engagement.

Video Course Pack

from   $9800.00 + GST

✓ Edited Content (up-to 30 minutes)
✓ Social Media (1 min) Video/ Trailer
✓ Custom HQ Thumbnails
✓ Caption Files

Is creating a video course right for you?

Investing time into creating a video course might seem scary at first – but your one-time investment will allow you to connect and distribute to a larger audience and generate more time for yourself to build your brand! So, if you’re ready to make your content more accessible, then creating an video course is perfect for you!

RTI Consultants 'My Passion for Law'

Rebecca Murray wanted to replace her in-person consulting sessions with a refined and succinct video course, and use that video course to digitally scale her business and allow her to focus on the boarder aspects of growing her brand. Check out the promotional video for her paid video course below.

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