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Our Brand, Our Passion

Learn about the people that make Conceptual Brands who they are. How a team shapes a brand.Conceptual Brands knew they wanted to show-off the fun and personable nature of their brand with interview styled content from both their team and their clients. Conceptual Brands had a strong vision and brand focus – so we kept … Read More

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My Passion for Law

Learn about RTI Consultants and Rebecca Murray’s passion for information law. A refreshing feel to information law.Rebecca Murray is the owner operator of RTI Consultants, and wanted to present her Right to Information and Information Privacy online lawyer training courses in a different light. Rebecca wanted to bring a fresh feeling to an otherwise dull … Read More

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Road Safety Series

The creation process behind the latest road safety series for RACQ. Just a little about this series.In order to reach a wider community, RACQ wanted to turn their early primary school road safety messages into easily remembered lessons that could be accessed anywhere by teachers and parents. Based around RACQ’s education programme, we created this … Read More

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Discover Fish Ln.

Discover ‘Fish Lane’R&W South Brisbane Project brief.In order to showcase the local community and increase their online presence, R&W South Brisbane wanted to connect with local businesses in a way that helped promote and shape South Brisbane as a whole – ultimately selling the lifestyle that South Brisbane offers. Strategy.In order to reach a broad … Read More

St Patrick’s College

‘We Are’ St Patrick’s CollegeSt Patrick’s College Project brief.St Patrick’s College wanted to release a marketing campaign to encourage enrolments from new students in their local community. Within this campaign they also wanted to demonstrate the values that represent their school in a creative and engaging way. Strategy.This campaign was released in an online space, … Read More

Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Happiness for me.Happy Lawyer Happy Life Project brief.Clarissa Rayward devotes her life to encouraging other family lawyers like herself to pursue a happier and more fulfilling career, with the overall objective of this project to promote her brand and allow Clarissa to connect with her viewers to encourage leads. Strategy.Creating an overview video that Clarissa … Read More

Obe Organic

Our organic cattle.Obe Organic Project brief.Obe Organic wanted to differentiate themselves from other cattle providers with a campaign demonstrating the quality farming practices that their farmers use to produce their 100% Australian frown, organic, GMO-free, sustainable beef. Strategy.This uplifting video aimed to promote further interest from Obe Organic’s potential and existing customers looking to find … Read More

Temper Troops

Local families, like ours.Temper Troops Project brief.Temper Troops wanted to demonstrate that the quality of their air-conditioning service is unmatched, and that their family owned business is deeply committed to providing the highest quality service to other families in the community. Strategy.Temper Troops promoted this video on as many online platforms as they could, attempting … Read More

Wellness Designs

Wellness in the workplace.Wellness Designs Project brief.Katrina Walton wanted to help her audience understand the benefits of a healthy workplace, and how her years of experience in rehabilitation can help Australian organisations achieve a healthy workplace and promote wellness physically and mentally. Strategy.The primary objective of this video was to create a simple and precise … Read More