Shooting on the GH5


Notes from the director.

So, do you ever use larger cinema cameras?
Hell yeh we do! We love to use cameras like the Canon C200 all the way up to the RED Epic, but it totally depends on the project. There are cameras that are extremely versatile, but there's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right camera for a project - such as the size and functionality of the camera, the image quality and feel of the footage (which also comes under the lenses that you choose to shoot on as well), the codecs you're able to access within the camera and of course what you're able to use is totally dependent on the project budget. So really, when we do choose to shoot on larger cameras, we choose the camera that's right for the project.

What's your favourite camera setup?
That's a hard question because every project requires something totally different. Over the years I've been able to work with all kinds of footage, shot on all kinds of cameras - and that's what has allowed me to personally develop my aesthetic as a director. I will say that I'm a huge fan of the Arri Alexa footage shot on Anamorphic lenses - to me that combination has an incredibly organic and soft texture to it, that compliments my style and aesthetic as a director perfectly. I do personally tend to steer away from Sony cameras - not because they aren't well built, quality cameras - but mainly because the colour science and feel of the footage isn't really 'my thing'. But again, that's totally a personal opinion and not a comment on the quality of the Sony cameras at all.

Would you ever purchase a larger camera?
The thing is we don't shoot one specific style of film. The majority of the projects that we produce are corporate projects for online advertising, and that's where the GH5 works really well! The larger creative projects that we produce don't just require the camera itself, but a Director of Photography (or DOP for short) to operate the camera as well - who also understands the vision of the director and can shoot footage according to that vision. So I think if you're a DOP (or aspiring DOP) it's important to own a compact cinema camera, but for a video production agency like us - who chooses a different camera according to what the project requires - it's better for us to hire the appropriate camera and DOP for the project.

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