Learn about RTI Consultants and Rebecca Murray's passion for information law.

A refreshing feel to information law.

Rebecca Murray is the owner operator of RTI Consultants, and wanted to present her Right to Information and Information Privacy online lawyer training courses in a different light. Rebecca wanted to bring a fresh feeling to an otherwise dull subject, and re-energise the government agencies and businesses RTI Consultants service, while offering important training to a range of her clients.




The pure joy when wrap is called.

How we produced this project.

Rebecca had a specific vision in mind for what she wanted this online training course to be, and was already comfortable presenting the information to an audience. This allowed us to focus almost exclusively on the production of the training course, and recommend also capturing a ‘brand overview’ video at the same time — to get the most out of her budget. This did mean we had to be smart about scheduling and move quickly on the day — but thankfully Rebecca was able to keep her energy up, and deliver not just the content but a smile as well *fainting may have occurred as soon as the cameras stopped recording*.

Behind the scenes creating this project.

There was a lot of ground to cover with this project, and we only had a single day to capture everything we needed. So we balanced a small and efficient crew with Rebecca’s budget to ensure we were able to capture and create the content she needed while maintaining the style she was after.