The creation process behind the latest road safety series for RACQ.

Just a little about this series.

In order to reach a wider community, RACQ wanted to turn their early primary school road safety messages into easily remembered lessons that could be accessed anywhere by teachers and parents. Based around RACQ’s education programme, we created this series in a way that provided easily understandable concepts for the younger audience to follow and learn from.

What we did for this project.

Concept creation.
Script writing.
Set design & construction.

See how we enhanced this project —

On-set for the road safety series we produced for RACQ.

We only had a single day to get this project filmed, and a tiny team of four to make it happen — but it was good fun! From cardboard sets to miniatures and matchbox cars, this project was packed full of creativity, and wouldn’t have been possible without the super creative and hard working team behind it!

About the on-set production.

We didn’t have a large budget to put this project together so we had to work creatively with a very small team. Because of this the entire set was designed and built by the extraordinarily talented Gabrielle Wilton out of cardboard, hot glue and paint — and was enhanced in post-production with VFX and animation. We shot this entire series in a car accessible Brisbane studio, in a single day (a long day, but a day nevertheless)! Like all productions — there were minor issues that needed to be overcome on the day, but for the most part this was a really fun shoot, with really awesome people, and the series definitely reflects that!

Project cost.
$15,600.00 + GST

Delivered was a four video mini-series for road safety, all videos featured above.

Movie magic,