Promoting Your Video


Notes from the director.

How can I get people to watch my video?
Firstly get a good thumbnail - we totally judge books by their cover as much as we hate to admit it. Choose a thumbnail that is going to grab your audiences attention; whether that's a smiling face or a good looking product, or an eye catching thumbnail title. Secondly, get that video in front of your audience! You can do this by sharing your video and scheduling paid promotions for your video on social media platforms and professional online platforms such as LinkedIn, and also implement your video into your email marketing campaigns. Make sure your audience has easy access to your video by embedding it on the home page of your website right at the top - instead of say - as a tiny square down the bottom (which I see far to commonly). You can also increase the search-ability of your video by ensuring the title, description and metadata of your video is optimised for the Google algorithms. These are a few ways to increase the likelihood that your audience will hit that play button. The retention rate of your audience is a whole other beast which we've discussed in the Choosing Your Video video.

How do I know if my video is working?
Like any marketing strategy you won't see results the next day - well you might - but a general rule of thumb is that it needs time to be effective. But this is where video analytics majorly come in handy! And these analytics aren't just there for you squint at your screen - this is valuable information that you can use to tweak your current video marketing campaigns or adjust future video marketing campaigns. These are tools that are available on the platforms that you're promoting your video on, or you can use 3rd party platforms such as Wistia or Vimeo Pro to deep-dive into the performance of your video. These 3rd party platforms usually come with a price tag, but it's a small price to pay when the results are generating solid sales.

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