Filming a Short Film


Notes from the director.

How long does it take to make a short film?
Well that totally depends on the scope short film itself! We were in part-time pre-production (in collaboration with RACQ) for a little over two months before we reached filming for this project, and then continued into the post-production process for another two months after that. Producing a short film is a delicate balance between budget and creativity and often sacrifices have to be made in order to tell the story you'd like to tell (unless of course you're a big time Hollywood director), and because of this - short films might take a few days to create, or a few years depending on how you go about it and the resources and skills you have at your disposal.

What's the most important thing about shooting a short film?
As a director the most important thing to me (by a huge margin) is the team I choose to support me and the film. Choosing skilled creatives who understand the vision of the film is important (both for planning and filming), but for me - a solid attitude and character is just as important for producing a quality short film. The process of creating is awesome, but it can also be really tough - and in those times you need supportive, encouraging people you trust to help you until the creative juices start flowing again.

Is being a creative worth it?
Between the occasional difficult client, the wasted time spent on the trial and error of creativity and the long hours when you're on a creative roll - yeah, sometimes I do daydream about simpler career options. Honestly though, all the negatives stacked together will never compare to the feeling of finally finishing a film you've poured so much of your creativity, time and energy into - and it's that alone that makes being a creative worth it!

Do you have much planned for the future?
I'm always wanting to produce creative projects - especially short films, but they take a long time to create - so nothing in the immediate future but over the course of the next year we'll be releasing a few things that we've been working on amongst our other corporate projects, including a sequel to this short film - which follows the events of the accident six months later - so make sure you stay tuned for that!

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