We created a Spec Ad for a fictional music sharing app made for creators.

Why did we choose to create a Spec Ad?

First up, we should probably explain what the hell is a Spec Ad is. In the commercial video space, a Spec Ad is usually used to promote a fictional product or service in order to demonstrate the skills and qualities of the the video production house in that specific field. In our case, we wanted to create a damn cool ad for an app — so that’s exactly what we did! We decided to think-tank an idea for an music sharing app for creators (which we now wish actually existed) and an awesome concept to promote it, to inspire anyone interested in promoting their app with video!




How we made this Spec Ad.

We really wanted to just create something unique and eye-catching, to show just how rewarding creativity in a project can be! So it started with brainstorming – as all creative projects do – with a tiny team of big creative thinkers. Because this is a Spec Ad – we had zero budget, so we knew we had create a concept that was doable with things we already owned (ie. our brains, talents, props and friends). We put our ideas down on paper, and started asking for help.

We ended up using the beautiful Sophie Taylor as our model, an assortment of speakers of a number of different homes and filmed everything in a two car garage. It was a quick and dirty shoot, which added to the style of the ad and once VFX were added turned out really freaking great! Because FeelMyBeat isn’t a real app we had a lot of fun designing the UI of the app and imagining what an app like this could do and look like. It was a lot of work, but we chipped away at it over a few months in our spare time and we think it looks great!

A few stills
in their fullest glory!