Choosing Your Video


Notes from the director.

How do I know what type of video will work best for me?
Again, it really depends on who your audience is and what you're promoting. If you're advertising something fun, then you need a fun video that appeals to fun people. This could be in the realm of a product advert or an event filming. Or if you're advertising a service and need your audience to understand the nuance of your brand then a brand story or case study may work best for you. A little bit of research really does go a long when it comes to choosing what type of video you need, and is super important to getting the most out of your video.

How can I achieve multiple things, without paying for multiple videos?
As I said, less is more. This doesn't mean you can't include multiple things about your brand in a single video, but the video itself should have one clear objective and be intended for one audience. However, what we often do is prepare the shoot for a multiple version delivery - this includes a short version of your video and a long version. That way you can promote the short version of your video on whatever platform you're promoting on, and if potential customers want more information - they can click through and watch a longer, more in depth, version of your video.

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