Your brand is unique, so your video marketing strategy will be unique too; along with its price tag.

Pay-Per Project

Our competitive rates make producing a project that can be used to accompany an existing marketing campaign affordable for any brand.

Pay-Per Campaign

Purchasing a campaign may cost more upfront, but by producing everything at once we're able to reduce the overall costs of the project.

Monthly Retainer

The reduced costs of a monthly retainer makes producing and releasing regular high-quality video content effortless, at affordable rates for any brand.

Project Setup

Every project requires a compulsory setup expense for in-house resources which is added to any of the below production categories.


minimum cost
excl. GST


Production preparation such as script writing, location scouting, permit acquirement, shoot scheduling and asset management.

+ $360.00

minimum cost
excl. GST


Production director and appropriate sized film crew, with professional high-quality visual, audio and lighting equipment.

+ $1200.00

minimum cost
excl. GST


Post-production includes editing with several rounds of revision, with minor graphic animation for necessary information.

+ $720.00

minimum cost
excl. GST


Standard licensing for web-based streaming and internal/ external media presentations, upgrades available for non-commercial licensing.

+ $200.00

minimum cost
excl. GST

How much will my video cost?
The short answer is that it totally depends on the production that's involved, a one minute video could cost $2000 or it could cost over $100,000. Utilising a budget effectively requires expertise and we pride ourselves at creating video content that will  achieve your marketing goals, within your budget. If you have a budget, we have an idea.

Why do prices vary across video production agencies?
Every video production agency is different, with different production methods and running costs. We can’t speak for other agencies, but we value every client we have and rely on their return business and referrals, so we ensure that our rates remain competitive, and the quality of our work remains high.

What type video is right for my brand?
This is a question we can indeed help you answer, as long you know the results you’d like to achieve from the project. There isn’t a one video achieves all scenario and anyone who says otherwise is grossly misinformed. Talk to us about your marketing strategy, and we’ll create something to fit.

Why should I choose quality over quantity?
If you want people to watch your video, then produce a video that’s worth watching. This doesn't always mean spending tens of thousands of dollars on a single video, but it does mean being smart about utilising your budget to create an engaging video that everyone will watch, rather than wasting it on five videos that nobody will.

How long does it take to produce a video?
Everything good thing takes time, but we allow a turnaround time of 3 to 6 weeks per standard project. But talk to us to get an accurate idea of how long your project will take to produce. And if it’s urgent we can handle the heat, but we do charge accordingly for the late nights required to make it happen.

How can we cut production costs?
Unfortunately, we can’t. The last thing we want is to produce a sub-standard product that will be a waste of your money. Our best advice is to hold off until you have the ability to produce something properly, even a small high-quality video will offer more return than a sub-standard one.

Every project we feature
includes an approximate price
that will help you gauge what
your project might cost.