Make your content accessible anywhere — with online courses & live streaming.

Why create high-quality online courses & content?

Investing time into creating an online video course might seem scary at first – but your one-time investment will allow you to connect with a larger audience and generate more time for yourself to build your brand! So, if you’re ready to make your content more accessible to an online audience, then creating an online video course is the perfect way to do that!

The advantage of an online video course.

Having a high-quality video course that you’ve written and recorded has huge benefits. It means you can ensure that the content you’re delivering is refined specifically for the audience you want to reach, and gives you the ability to mass distribute your online course and scale your brand.

Online Course

from $5600.00 excl. GST

8h Filming Service Time

We work with you to make sure your content can be filmed in a single filming session. This will ensure video quality stays awesome and doesn’t suffer due to exhaustion, and can keep costs down for you and your customers.

Captions & Thumbnails

Making sure your customers can follow along, no matter where they are, is crazy important! That's why each video produced comes with a supplied thumbnail and caption file.

24h of In-House Service Time

To ensure all content can be produced to a professional standard – every online course includes up to 24 hours of in-house service time that can be used across multiple areas of the video post-production process.

Animation & Branding

It’s important that your viewers understand the information provided and can follow along easily, which is why we develop graphics and animations aligned with your branding.

The benefits of live streaming your content.

If you’re wanting to reach a large audience without restrictions, then live streaming has massive advantages. Not only does it preserve high-quality content for you and your brand, but ensures your audience can still connect with you – no matter where they are in the world.

Live Streaming

from $2800.00 excl. GST

4h Filming Service Time

Whether you're replacing an all-day seminar with an online broadcast or simply hosting an online session for a smaller collection of customers, this session will keep your viewers engaged and your costs down.

Raw Footage

Just because it's a live streaming session, doesn't mean it can't be recorded for future use! Having the ability to on-sell the session to those who may have missed it is a great way to utilise your footage.

Real-Time Interaction

The ability to interact with your audience and answer any questions they might have in real-time, even though you may not be in the same room, is a huge advantage of hosting a live streaming session.

Hosting & Streaming

Whether you're wanting to host a Facebook Live or something a little more professional, we can take care of all the headache inducing technicals – that way you can concentrate on your content and your viewers!

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