Monthly video content
is now available.

Your journey to monthly content
starts here —

So, what is monthly video content?

In short, monthly video content is exactly that – the production of month-to-month video content that you can use to connect with your audience on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending how you choose to use your content). This means you can schedule and plan marketing campaigns confidently around the monthly delivery of professional videos.

✓  Lower Cost Than Per-Project

Even though monthly video content requires a commitment, it's far more cost effective than purchasing on a per-project basis.

✓  Positive Brand Reflection

Consistently release high-quality video content, to reflect your high-quality brand.

✓  Increase Your Online Presence

Maintain an online presence and keep engagement up by regularly releasing video content.

✓ Save Yourself Time

Automate repetitive information delivery to clients, potential clients or staff.

Your monthly videos would look
something like this —

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

‘The Course’ Sign Up

‘The Course’ Sign Up

Happiness Challenge

Happiness Challenge

‘The Club’ Sign Up

‘The Club’ Sign Up

What's included every month —

✓  6h Filming Session

Batch filming can be a challenge for the non-experienced – so to keep energy levels high, we like to keep filming sessions short and sweet. This way performances stay consistent and your audience won't know the difference.

✓  Music Licenses

Though every music license may not be used every month, having the option to access multiple music licenses every month allows for a wider variety of options if you're feeling a vibe change.

✓  20h of In-House Service Time

To make sure all bases are covered and you get what you need – every month includes up to 20 hours of in-house service time that can be used across multiple areas of video production whether it's planning, editing or even animation.

✓  Captions & Thumbnails

What's the point of having great video content if no-one watches it! That's why each video comes with a supplied thumbnail and caption file, to more easily capture your audience and increase that engagement.

6 Month

$2100.00 / per month + GST

✓   No Startup Fees
✓   Up-to 4 Music Licenses / per month
✓   5% Per-Project Service Discount
✗   Included Logo Animation

12 Month

$1980.00 / per month + GST

✓   No Startup Fees
✓   Up-to 6 Music Licenses / per month
✓   10% Per-Project Service Discount
✓   Included Logo Animation

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