Everything you need to create interview style content.

What an interview pack includes —

We’ve made this interview pack a super versatile tool, that can be used to create a broad range of interview style content. We capture interviews or straight-to-camera style content from you, your employees or your customers and also capture actioned footage relating to the topic – to create the story you want your audience to hear!

✓  Filming Session

This pack includes a single filming session of up-to 5 hours which includes everything (and everyone) needed to capture the personality of your brand and story.

✓  Music Licenses

Choosing the correct style music can make or break your story – so this pack includes up-to 2 licensed music tracks that you can use across all online platforms.

✓  Post-Production Services

There’s no point in having great looking footage, if the content is boring – so we make sure that the edit is engaging with great editing and full post-production polishing.

✓  Captions & Thumbnails

What's the point of having great video content if no-one watches it! Each video comes with a supplied thumbnail and caption file, to more easily capture your audience and increase engagement.

Interview Pack

from   $6800.00 + GST

✓ Hero Video
✓ Social Media (1min) Video
✓ Custom HQ Thumbnails
✓ Caption Files

Are interview style videos still relevant?

Absolutely. Interview style videos – whether professional, casual or a mixture of both – are still one of the best ways to show the personality of you and your brand, and connect with your audience. They can be a great way to introduce who you are and demonstrate what you’re about, and to clearly communicate important information to your viewers at any point along your customers journey.

Conceptual Brands
'This Is Us'

If you need an example of what interview style content looks like, then check out this video we created for Conceptual Brands. It’s a great example of how you can show the personality of your brand, just by using the people – that make your brand unique.

Similar interview style examples —

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