Learn about the process of
video production and marketing.

Here's how we enhance everyday projects —

We create, so you can learn!

We think it's really important to show how we produce projects for our clients — so we create helpful content and capture behind the scenes material as often as we can. This is to help you understand the process of video production, and give you a better idea of what you might need when creating a video for your brand.

Here's what a typical interview setup looks like.

If you've ever wondered what an interview looks like behind the camera – well here is it. Often the most difficult part is making a small space look larger than it really is, which can make things quite cosy behind the camera sometimes. But ultimately the content is the most important part of your video.

Marketing tips:
Get the most out of your videos —

Promoting Your Video

Promoting Your Video

Choosing Your Video

Choosing Your Video

On-set for our latest short film with RACQ.

This was one of our biggest projects to date, and it was a mission to undertake! We're currently in post-production with this project so stay tuned to learn more about the challenges we faced and how we overcame them to get the final product.

Learn more about on-set production —

Watch Now
Filming a Short Film

Watch NowFilming a Short Film